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Your virtual IT. department

We know the pressure and the stress that occurs when a system goes down or a network isn’t behaving as it should. We also know the damage that can be done when someone, who isn’t a professional, attempts to fix these problems. This is where our IT Helpdesk comes in.

Consider us your virtual IT department. Always on hand, in one place, with an average 10 second response time to resolve any issue. Our qualified IT experts are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. We are also fully trained to understand your business and how it operates; offering you a personal experience when you get in touch. Any issue you raise with us is answered in minutes and individually logged, tracked and resolved as quickly as possible via phone, remote or email support.

If you’re a small team of four in a market town start-up business, through to a bustling high-rise office in a city centre; we have you covered.

Unlimited Telephone Support

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Here are some of the issues we cover from our award-winning Helpdesk:
• Printers not working
• Email issues
• VPN and Remote desktop connectivity
• Internet connectivity
• Hardware running slow or not how it should
• Software upgrades
• Server / cloud access
• On-boarding new users
• Accidental file deletion
• Security concerns

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What does it cost?
We need to know a bit more information about your company, its users, and the hardware you use. Just a few simple questions so that we can create an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for you.

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