Network Management

Reliability, Efficiency & Performance

If you run an on-premise server or just have a cluster of computers running on a local network, we will monitor and support your network keeping your equipment running as it should. The goal is to preventing disruption or downtime to our day to day operation, allowing you to get on with your business.

Our processes include:

Firewalls are a vital part of your security system; keeping hazards and threats at bay. There are a number of measures you can take and levels you can set within your firewall – depending on the sensivity of the data your business handles. With our help, you can control the incoming and outgoing network traffic accordingly for complete peace of mind.

A strong and proactive foresight is beneficial in every aspect of your business, especially your IT security. We highlight any potential flaws in your network and strategically set up preemptive, protective measures.

As part of our Fault Prevention process, we also take the time to meticulously check and monitor key hardware devices. We ensure that your hardware is running at its optimum power and temperature. We do this by maintaining disks, fan speeds, processor status; checking back on them routinely.

PC Express IT delivers a vast array of Network Management projects for a growing number of businesses. The level of Network Management that is appropriate for each project comes down to the level of sensitivity and care for each project. Undeniably, the latter is part of every project we manage. However, to protect your data as best we can, we also like to implement SSE where needed. This includes Password Strength Requirements and Expiry, Account Audits, Access Protocol and much more.

In some instances, certain software or operating systems can create flaws in your organisation’s network, resulting in critically unsafe access from malicious parties.

In the event of your network going down, be it by cyber attack or physically, we safely and securely create encrypted back-ups of your network configuration files. We update these back-ups periodically and store them on our high security database. allowing you to restore your network files and functions should a disaster occur. These Back-Ups help us trace certain faults during audits, and can also remedy any Faulty configuration changes, caused by untrained or underqualified network managers; thus avoiding catastrophic data breaches or your network going down.

All of your hardware houses it’s own software, or firmware. Simply put, this is needed for it all to work: Routers, Printers, Mouses, Cameras, etc all have firmware. By failing to keep your firmware up to date, you subsequently make your network vulnerable. As all of these devices are connected to your main network, you should see any dated firmware as metaphorical trapdoors into your system(s) – and updating, or “patching”, as sealing those doors shut securely.



Why do I need to maintain my equipment?
If you don’t maintain your hardware, then your systems are at risk. When important hardware fails, it can lead into days of downtime which could be financially disastrous to your business. Just like you MOT your car, your computers and switches need the same care, because we all know what happens if you don’t service your car.

Our Network management comes as part of our standard SLA (Service Level Agreement), find out more today by getting in touch for a free no obligation quote: