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The best No.1 – IT support in Altrincham?

We have provided IT Support in Altrincham since the start of our business in 1999. Our head office was originally based in Altrincham near Navigation Road but since moved our offices down the road to Sale in 2007.


Why choose us for your IT Support?

With our proactive response, we aim to keep your business IT running smoothly with our team of experts and friendly helpdesk.

We are recognised in Altrincham for our amazing success with winning multiple awards at the Sale and Altrincham Chamber of Commerce annual awards event. We came first place for both ‘small business of the year‘ and ‘business of the year‘ in 2018.

Is it important to have your IT Support in Altrincham?

Well, if you are a local business then it’s always helpful to be on your doorstep. We like to think that most IT Support can be done remotely, however, on the rare occasion that you need a call out or just want to arrange a meeting at your offices, we are just around the corner.

Outsourcing your IT

Outsourcing your IT Support is much cheaper than having your own department, we have experts to cover all aspects, including regular maintenance, cloud support, onsite IT support, helpdesk support, web support, Email Support, Web Design and Marketing. Each one of our team members has exceptional skills in their own field, making our ‘Virtual IT Support’ work better than most other support companies.

Not too big / not too small

We are not a one-man band, but we are not too big where you lose the personal touch. Most companies in Altrincham have heard of us because we have been around since 1999. We like to keep our business to a size where we know you and your company and can offer the best solutions for you. Having a working relationship is very important to us.

Why did we set up IT Support in Altrincham?

Well, having grown up in Altrincham, it felt only right to bed my roots in this lovely town. Other Altrincham businesses support us just as we do them and I’m personally very greatly to be part of this lovely community.

Get in touch before its too late

Why don’t you drop us a line today so we can get to know you and your business, I’m sure we can help your business. Leaving your IT unsupported or with a reactive support company is a high risk, ask yourself:

  1. What would happen to my business if I lost all my data?
  2. Who is checking my backups?
  3. How long could my business survive if we had a ransomware attack?
  4. Who would be able to help me in the event of a cyber attack?
  5. How much time am I wasting with poor or substandard support?

We are not trying to scare you, but the threat is real, more and more companies are at risk of not having the right protection and IT Support in place. We have seen it, and we don’t want you to wait until it’s too late. I often say to people you wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before taking it to a garage, you have an MOT and service, and the same applies to your IT.

Good things happen when you have the right tools for your business.

Start today by asking us how we can help your business and take advantage of the latest technologies. Have your staff work effectively and efficiently and relax knowing you have the right support team looking after your business, as we are the best IT Support in Altrincham 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, our fellow Altrincham businesses.

Cyber Essentials Certified
Cyber Essentials Certified

Steve Maz IT Support in Altrincham
IT Support in Altrincham Head Offices – PC Express Limited – 185 Washway Road, Sale, Manchester, M33 4AH.

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